Posted by: paddymelonblog | June 30, 2013


So my little brother has inspired me to come back to my blog and start documenting my progress with polymer clay.

This is today’s work – one of them anyway.


Posted by: paddymelonblog | July 24, 2012

New bling

I am experimenting with some of my favourite stitches and patterns – I love peyote stitch and I love “Shaped Beadwork’ by Diane Fitzgerald.

I needed an appropriate chain for the celtic trefoil, so I 3-drop peyote stitched a silver ‘chain’. I am pretty happy with it!


Posted by: paddymelonblog | July 24, 2012

Celtic trefoil from Diane Fitzgerald’s ‘Shaped Beadwork”‘

Posted by: paddymelonblog | June 6, 2011

An evening with Etsy at The Social Studio

Last night, Matt from Etsy visited Melbourne and presented to an eclectic group of artists, crafters and interested others at The Social Studio.

That’s why I now have a blog.

My plan is to document the (please god don’t let her say journey, I hear you say) things I am learning about beading, art, design etc.